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5 products

Relish your Winters with Our Unique Blankets 


We know you're looking for nothing but the best for your comfortable bedding needs. This is why, we have unique blanket offers that demonstrate several attributes you may have been looking for, such as softness, freshness, and cuddliness. Your sheets are smooth against your touch, and your comforter is warm and appealing to the eye, but what about a warm blanket? Our unique blankets provide their users with an additional deal of coziness. They are referred to as the perfect pick for a restful night’s sleep. After all, picking a blanket does entail more than just picking a color and size. Comfort should be the first priority. So, if you are in a relationship with a toxic blanket that deprives you of a good night's sleep, it is time to part with our old blankets and replace them with new, more comfortable unique blankets as made available by Lavish Homeware.

Choosing the right fabric for your new blanket is more difficult than you might believe. The fabric choices vary on personal preferences, such as how you sleep or any allergies you may have – so we have every kind of blanket to meet your specific requirements. Some people prefer a fluffy blanket, while others prefer a blanket with a smooth feel. We've broken down our unique blankets category into cotton, wool, down, synthetic, fleece, and Velux to cater to all the diverse customer demands.

The Best-Selling Classic Blankets in the Town 


Our elegant collection of throws and blankets is deemed as the best-selling in the entire town. These classic blankets will be the long-lasting piece of furniture in your home. Our classic blankets are ideal as wedding gifts, new home gifts, and other gifts for friends and family as they are created with British High-quality wool.

There are numerous types of classic blankets, each infused with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Knowing the qualities of each fabric will help you choose the perfect blanket for your needs, whether you're making your own or buying one.

The density of the fabric, the length of the fibers, and what the fibers are comprised of are all factors that contribute to its softness. The softer the blanket is, the longer the fiber and the denser the cloth. We amalgamate soft fiber into the mix, so you get a winning mixture for a cozy blanket.

When it comes to blankets, we have several soft materials for you to pick from. You can go for high-end fibers like cashmere or brushed flannel or go for tried-and-true mainstays like wool and brushed flannel.

You should also think about how you'll use the blanket and how washing it would affect its softness. Baby blankets and camping blankets are examples of such items. However, our blankets are durable enough to remain soft even after several washes. With Lavish Homeware’s classic blankets collection, you'll be surrounded by warm, soft blankets for many years to come.